Our mission is to provide competitively priced
superior quality products and services.

We maintain a wide assortment of products in our stock and provide supplies from our warehouses Hampshire(UK) , Aktau(KZ) , Baku,( Az) .
From our main warehouses located in Hampshire/Romsey (UK) – we provide services and supplies throughout the region. These facilities is able to supply more than 33,000 items.
The warehouse Aktau Base with an area of 1.5 ha comprises two warehouses of total area of 1,100 sq.m. In total, they cover area of more than 3ha including indoor storage.
IOSC’s warehouse in Baku located on the Salyan highway covers area of 2ha and includes 2,400 sq.m of indoor storage
Our worldwide storage capacities allow us to allocate part of our warehousing facilities including the indoor storage for rent to be used as warehouse premises by our clients.

We can provide :
• Storage of Industrial Products, equipment and vehicles.
• 100% flexible storage plans.
• Professional warehouse experts.
• High quality warehouse equipment.
• Digitally controlled security system.
• Free access of all types of trucks.