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Hose Crimping We offer hose crimping service to solve most of your hose problems both in-house or onsite. Couplings standard may follow JIC, BSP or Metric type according to the requirements. We provide machining and fittings suitable for your machines. Hose can come with pressure testing certificate. Pressure Test The test involves filling the system with liquid, which is then pressurized to a specified pressure and hold for a period of duration depending on its standards or specification. All procedures are documented in the operation manual and equipment certificates are included. Such pressure tests are conducted by our skilled engineers and technicians who not only are highly trained to conduct practical operations but also have deep theoretical technical knowledge behind the operation procedure. The combined practical and theoretical understanding coupled with our extensive experience contributes to an effective, efficient and safe process.

We are proud to supply hose products and hose assemblies to a wide range of industries:
• Oil and Gas : hydraulic hose products, fittings, bulk transport hose, spray hose
• Food plants : food grade assemblies, rubber, plastic, silicone, Teflon hose, tubing, SS fittings, hose adapters, hydraulics
• Medical : medical grade tubing
• Plastics : teflon hose assemblies, hydraulics, tubing and bulk transport hose
• Recycling : hydraulics, hose adapters, hose fittings, bulk transport hose
• Truck/Rail : hydraulics, hose adapters, hose fittings, bulk transport hose
• Power plant : hydraulics, hose adapters, hose fittings, bulk transport hose
• Road Construction : Custom hose assemblies, mobile crimping unit set up
• Sand & Gravel : 6" crimping capabilities for bulk material handling, water suction hose, discharge hose
• Timber: mobile crimping unit set up, abrasion resistant mobile crimping unit set up, high impulse hose